Brooklyn Summer Camp Songs: "Shoeshiner"

We just wrapped up an amazing songwriting and recording session in Brooklyn and we're still smiling from the results. A huge thanks to all of our families and students, as well as the awesome team at Bunker Studios. As many of you know, writing lyrics is a tough job, but NonExplicit (our 11-12 year old band) really nailed it with "Shoeshiner." Check out the lyrics and song below!

Every day I shine their shoes, they don't look me in the eye
They all sit their in their suits, but their lives are just a lie
They just read their magazines, and they never want to talk
What if I could be a shoe, what if I could be a sock

Walking down the street, people looking at your feet, and they wonder why they look so fine

Shoeshiner, come to me
Shoeshiner, shine my feet
Shoeshiner, shine on me, oh yeah

What if nobody wore socks, what if nobody wore shoes
Wouldn't need me anymore, I don't know what I would do
But for now I still exist, and my future will be saved
You can find me on the street, shining shoes all night and day