Brooklyn Rocks with Paris

We love having programs in two of the coolest cities in the world and it's even more exciting when they get to meet face to face! Charles, one of our Brooklyn students, was visiting Paris with his family last week and stopped by one of our classes. He helped the Paris band, Shark Bath, write lyrics for their original song and then they all had a jam on T. Rex's "Children of the Revolution." Gotta love cross cultural collaboration. What a motley crew...

PSRS Paris Rocks La Bellevilloise

All 12 of our bands played and awesome show last weekend at La Bellevilloise. The performances were amazing and the crowd, almost 400 people strong, brought some great energy. We'll see you again in the meantime, click through our gallery below to see some great shots from the show.

A huge thanks to Yann-Yves O'Hayon-Crosby for the great pictures!

Guitar Raffle Fundraiser Success!

Our Paris final concert in June was a blast, with 300+ friends and family rocking at La Bellevilloise. This was also the first concert where we raffled off a brand new Eastwood P90 Special electric guitar, with proceeds benefiting PSRS PARIS instrument purchases.  We raised over 450€! Thanks to the generosity of our community, we started our fall semester with a brand new keyboard, electric guitar, and instrument cables. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this a success. We'll be doing it again soon...

Congrats to Vera, the winner of an awesome P90 Special! 

Congrats to Vera, the winner of an awesome P90 Special! 

Brooklyn -> Paris Exchange

Now that we have two PSRS programs rocking in two countries, the potential for cross-cultural collaborations are awesome.  We even love to dream big about a band exchange program in the future.  We had a taste of that experience last week when Max, one of our PSRS Brooklyn students, visited Paris and sat in on one of our classes.  Our Paris students loved working with him and the class was amazing.  When Max sat down and started playing fresh ideas on one of the band’s original songs, one of our students commented “It’s amazing how people can hear the same song in different ways.”  What a fun way to learn such an important lesson.

Can you spot the Brooklynite?

And we're off...

Yet another semester is underway in Brooklyn and Paris and we couldn’t be more excited!  Stay tuned for some awesome covers, amazing original songs and some inspiring projects connecting our two programs across the ocean!  Lots of fun things in the works over the next few months….

Julian and Max seem keen to be back. A dangerous rhythm section…don’t let the smiles fool you!