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Our Private Lesson Program brings the same high-quality level of instruction and leadership displayed by our PSRS band coaches to a one-on-one environment. Our in-home lessons focus on developing specific instrument technique and all-around musicianship, while providing an historical context and appreciation of the material. It is our goal that these private lessons work in tandem with our performance program to supercharge musical development; students enrolled in both programs are encouraged to work on band material during their private lessons and their private lesson instructor is in contact with their band instructor to follow the student's progress.

While this is a great complement to our band program, students do not need to be enrolled in our band program to benefit from private lessons with one of our teachers! This can be a fantastic opportunity either for beginners to try out a new instrument in a relaxed and supportive environment, or for more experienced musicians looking to improve their technique and musicianship. Lessons are tailored to each student's ability level and interests, making the learning process a personal and rewarding experience. All ages are're never too old to rock!

If you are interested in signing up for private lessons, please contact