PSRS offers kids and adults the opportunity to practice, perform, write and record music in a positive and exciting environment, regardless of ability level.  From the first day of class through the end of the semester, our students are making music as a band, learning the basics of playing and performing rock music in a collaborative setting.  Our curriculum incorporates various elements of rock composition and performance, with lessons focusing on rhythm, chord progressions, improvisation, instrument technique, songwriting and stage presence. 

But it's not just about the music. As individuals, our students become empowered through creative expression, risk-taking and increased self-confidence; as band members, they learn to work creatively and collaboratively with other students in a goal-oriented setting. We see songwriting, live performance and recording sessions as a fun and effective opportunity for fostering both musical and personal growth.

In 2011, PSRS opened a second location in Paris, bringing our unique program to European students and creating new possibilities for cross-cultural collaboration: students have the opportunity to connect and even work on songs with their counterparts across the Atlantic. We are excited to be building this international community of parents and students and we are continually amazed by the passion and creativity that we see both in the classroom and on the stage.



Where it all started. Our flagship program continues to offer Band Programs, Private Lessons and Summer Sessions.


Our two 12 week semesters have been our flagship programs since day one. Students are placed into bands and classes meet weekly in preparation for a final show in a real rock venue. In addition to learning and performing cover songs, our program emphasizes the craft of original songwriting, helping our students work as a band to express themselves musically and lyrically. As a complement to our weekly classes, PSRS has hosted master classes with notable artists, conducted photo shoots with professional photographers and fashion stylists, organized recording sessions and performed at several venues and outdoor events.

All classes are run from Complete Music Studios at 227 St. Marks Ave.

For more information on enrollment, please visit our Contact page.



Our Private Lesson Program brings the same high-quality level of instruction and leadership displayed by our PSRS band coaches to a one-on-one environment. Our in-home lessons focus on developing specific instrument technique and all-around musicianship, while providing an historical context and appreciation of the material. It is our goal that these private lessons work in tandem with our performance program to supercharge musical development; students enrolled in both programs are encouraged to work on band material during their private lessons and their private lesson instructor is in contact with their band instructor to follow the student's progress.

While this is a great complement to our band program, students do not need to be enrolled in our band program to benefit from private lessons with one of our teachers! This can be a fantastic opportunity either for beginners to try out a new instrument in a relaxed and supportive environment, or for more experienced musicians looking to improve their technique and musicianship. Lessons are tailored to each student's ability level and interests, making the learning process a personal and rewarding experience. All ages are're never too old to rock!

If you are interested in signing up for private lessons, please contact



Park Slope Rock School’s Summer Songwriting and Recording Session is a 6-day workshop on the craft of songwriting and recording.  Open to all ability levels, our program places students in bands and each day consists of 3 intensive hours of listening to established artists, analyzing song structures and writing our very own songs.  Our week culminates in a recording session at the amazing Bunker Studios where students are given an introduction to the studio and its functions and are able to record their original songs. Songwriting is a wonderful and challenging way for students to express themselves individually while working together with peers to produce something that is totally unique.

For more information, visit our Summer Session Information Page

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Launched in 2011, PSRS Paris brings our Brooklyn program to the other side of the Atlantic.

Park Slope Rock School PARIS follows our Brooklyn model, assigning each student to a band and conducting lessons in performance, composition and basic music theory. At PSRS Paris, we believe music education should be rewarding, challenging and, most importantly, fun; the band model provides a powerful educational and inspirational framework to achieve these goals and help our students gain confidence. Our approach to teaching fosters creative expression, collaboration and risk-taking and we challenge our students to not only excel at their own instrument, but also to become active and supportive band members, sharing ideas and working together towards the goal of a final performance. 

Our students learn music from the classic rock canon (David Bowie, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, etc…) and also have the opportunity to write their own songs. Each semester culminates in a public performance at La Bellevilloise, one of Paris’ most well known music venues.

We’re proud of the international community we’ve created at PSRS Paris. With students and teachers hailing from all over the globe, we’re brought together by a common love of rock culture. Our language of instruction is English, but French-speaking children are welcome and encouraged to participate.

The program is designed for students aged 8-18 years old. All musical ability levels are welcome.

Classes are held in the 9th arrondissement.


La Park Slope Rock School a été fondée à Brooklyn en 2008, et a ouvert ses portes à Paris en 2011. Le programme parisien conserve la formule gagnante de PSRS Brooklyn : chaque élève est rattaché à un groupe où il est formé à la pratique scénique, à la composition et aux fondamentaux de la théorie musicale. A la PSRS Paris, nous sommes attachés à l’idée que la formation en musique doit être gratifiante, stimulante et, surtout, amusante. Le groupe de rock est considéré comme un cadre éducatif puissant pour accomplir cet objectif, en stimulant l’apprentissage de la musique et l’acquisition d’une vraie confiance en soi. Notre méthode d’enseignement encourage l’expression créatrice, la collaboration et la prise de risques, et nous soutenons les élèves, non seulement dans la perfectionnement de  leur pratique instrumentale, mais également dans le développement de leur rôle en tant que membre de groupe actif et positif, apportant des idées personnelles et travaillant en équipe dans le but de présenter une performance à la fin du semestre.

Nos élèves apprennent la musique à partir des reprises de standards du rock classique (David Bowie, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, etc.…) et en composant leurs propres chansons. Nos cursus semestriels s’achèvent tous par un concert à la Bellevilloise, l’une des salles de rock les plus connues de Paris.

Nous sommes fiers de la communauté internationale que nous avons créée chez PSRS Paris. Avec des élèves et des professeurs venant de partout dans le monde, nous sommes tous réunis par notre passion commune pour la culture rock. Tous les enseignements sont dispensés en langue anglaise, mais les enfants francophones y sont bienvenus et encouragés à y participer.

Le programme est conçu pour des élèves de 8-18 ans. Tous les niveaux musicaux sont les bienvenus.

Les cours ont lieu dans le 9ème arrondissement. Pour plus d’informations sur nos programmes 2017/2018 à Paris, cliquez ICI ou pour s'inscrire, contactez-nous :



Best Music Classes in NYC - Time Out NY

Highest Recommendation! - Park Slope Parents (PSP)

PS Rock School has been such a great experience for our whole family. As a parent it is really wonderful to see my son try something new and find out he has such a passion for music. I love to watch how excited and animated he gets when telling us about his weekly class. I am so grateful to the PS Rock School for bringing out the great rocker that was hiding inside my son. - Stacey R

Our 9 year-old son has loved both the PSRS summer camp and the school-year program. It is amazing to see young musicians play cover songs and compose original music that is often exceptionally good. The teachers are wonderful role models for the budding musician, or the child who is already advanced. Our son has grown musically under the influence of different teachers, and has had a blast in the process. Kate H

Our 11 year old daughter is enrolled this fall and absolutely loving it! To our amazement, the kids were already playing as a band after the first session, and some of them are beginners! They’re learning about music, how to play together and, most importantly, having a blast. - Laura K

From the moment into the PSRS practice room and saw our son Joel intently strumming his guitar in sync with Max on the drums and his teacher jumping to the rhythm, we knew we had made a great find.  The experience has not only turned Joel into an avid guitar player, dedicated band member and budding songwriter, it has also made him much more socially confident at school. - Ben R

Being a part of Park Slope Rock School has instilled in our children a lifetime love of music. - Amanada O

My daughter's ensemble was conceived in February, and by June they learned to play, compose and perform together.  And not your average performance, they really rocked, as did every band at the concert. But it wasn't just about the final performance.  We've tried dozens of after-school activities, and usually about half way through the semester, my daughter gets bored or tired of it and wants to quit.  With the rock school, there was never a rehearsal that she wasn't eager to attend.  Something really good was happening in that studio every week -- right up to the end. - Maggie D.

Park Slope Rock School is my daughter's favorite thing about living (abroad) in Paris.  What a thrill it is to create music and rock out with your friends! It's amazing what children (at all musical ability levels) are capable of creating in the PSRS environment. They're inspired, devoted, excited and proud to work together towards their goal.  They love it...and the music is GREAT! I am so grateful to PSRS for providing such a unique and memorable musical experience for our daughter. - Megan L

What is it like to be a part of PSRS? Check out a few videos below and see for yourself!



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