Brooklyn Summer Camp Songs: "Shoeshiner"

We just wrapped up an amazing songwriting and recording session in Brooklyn and we're still smiling from the results. A huge thanks to all of our families and students, as well as the awesome team at Bunker Studios. As many of you know, writing lyrics is a tough job, but NonExplicit (our 11-12 year old band) really nailed it with "Shoeshiner." Check out the lyrics and song below!

Every day I shine their shoes, they don't look me in the eye
They all sit their in their suits, but their lives are just a lie
They just read their magazines, and they never want to talk
What if I could be a shoe, what if I could be a sock

Walking down the street, people looking at your feet, and they wonder why they look so fine

Shoeshiner, come to me
Shoeshiner, shine my feet
Shoeshiner, shine on me, oh yeah

What if nobody wore socks, what if nobody wore shoes
Wouldn't need me anymore, I don't know what I would do
But for now I still exist, and my future will be saved
You can find me on the street, shining shoes all night and day

Brooklyn Rocks with Paris

We love having programs in two of the coolest cities in the world and it's even more exciting when they get to meet face to face! Charles, one of our Brooklyn students, was visiting Paris with his family last week and stopped by one of our classes. He helped the Paris band, Shark Bath, write lyrics for their original song and then they all had a jam on T. Rex's "Children of the Revolution." Gotta love cross cultural collaboration. What a motley crew...

PSRS Paris Rocks La Bellevilloise

All 12 of our bands played and awesome show last weekend at La Bellevilloise. The performances were amazing and the crowd, almost 400 people strong, brought some great energy. We'll see you again in the meantime, click through our gallery below to see some great shots from the show.

A huge thanks to Yann-Yves O'Hayon-Crosby for the great pictures!

Paris Winter Concert!


We're very excited to see our fall bands take the stage and we hope you'll join us for a fun afternoon of awesome music! With 12 bands on the roster, we'll be doing two sets of 6 bands...bring your earplugs.


SET ONE: 14H-15H30 (roughly)







 SET TWO: 16H-17H30 (roughly)







 We hope you can join us for one or both sets! La Bellevilloise is located at 19-21 Rue Boyer 75020 Paris

Brooklyn Recording Session

Our Brooklyn bands hit the studio on the last day of class to record their original songs from the last semester and the results are amazing. A big thanks to Seaside Lounge for the session and Joel Friedrich for the great photos! Click on the photos below to scroll through the gallery.

Have a listen to the songs here:

Brooklyn Winter Concert

We hope you'll join us for an awesome and inspiring afternoon of student bands on Sunday, December 15th.  Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 is a beautiful space and one of the best sounding rooms in NYC.  Our bands will be coming off a recording session the day before and are quite excited to share their hard work with friends and family.  Always a good time...


Parents are talking...

Aw shucks.


Park Slope Rock School is my daughter's favorite thing about living (abroad) in Paris.  What a thrill it is to create music and rock out with your friends! It's amazing what children (at all musical ability levels) are capable of creating in the PSRS environment. They're inspired, devoted, excited and proud to work together towards their goal.  They love it...and the music is GREAT! I am so grateful to PSRS for providing such a unique and memorable musical experience for our daughter. - Megan L

Guitar Raffle Fundraiser Success!

Our Paris final concert in June was a blast, with 300+ friends and family rocking at La Bellevilloise. This was also the first concert where we raffled off a brand new Eastwood P90 Special electric guitar, with proceeds benefiting PSRS PARIS instrument purchases.  We raised over 450€! Thanks to the generosity of our community, we started our fall semester with a brand new keyboard, electric guitar, and instrument cables. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this a success. We'll be doing it again soon...

 Congrats to Vera, the winner of an awesome P90 Special! 

Congrats to Vera, the winner of an awesome P90 Special! 

Brooklyn Songwriting Session at Bunker Studios

We’re still smiling from another awesome Summer Songwriting Session in Brooklyn! Our 3 bands (The Legitimate Pastries, Llamapocalypse and Don’t Ask) worked very hard over 5 days to write several original songs each. We even had a surprise visit from one of our Paris students, who sang in French on one of the songs!  We then hit Bunker Studios for an awesome afternoon of learning the basics of recording music and tracking our very own songs.  Have a listen to the results at the link below!

Paris Songwriting/Recording Atelier

We’re just coming off a super successful week in Paris, where two bands spent the last week writing all original music. The week culminated in a great recording session and the results are amazing!  Check them out on our Bandcamp page: